Hi, Everyone…Stefani with www.stylesbystefani.blogspot.com with some easy projects using outdoor vinyl and heat set vinyl to get you to be that ultimate sports fan!

I made two quick and easy projects this week….

The first is a T-shirt utilizing the heat set vinyl. It can be a bit difficult to find the perfect personalized shirt for each member of your family and this really helps get that done!  I got my mom a blue (school colors are blue and white) from Old Navy for $2.98 on the clearance rack….I cut the school mascot, an Eagle, from the Cricut Car Decals cartridge and used the Cricut Lite Varsity cartridge for the words.  I used a sheet of 12 x 24 heat set vinyl in white for the cuts.  When making your design, make sure to use the flip function on your Cricut or Gypsy, so when you cut the vinyl it can be pressed the oposite way on your shirt.


When you are ready to cut, but the glossy side down on your mat, set your machine to 3/3/3 (3 speed, 3 pressure and 3 blade depth) and let ‘er rip.  When the cutting ends wick out the parts you don’t wish to be on your shirt.  Make sure you have washed your shirt and that it is totally dry.  I like to put the garment over a wood cutting board.  I measure from side to side and center my image, place your image glossy side up on the garment…Using a med/med low heat setting on the iron with no water in the iron,  iron the vinyl for 10-15 seconds….if the item is larger than your iron, just keep making circular motions until all of the surface has been heated for at least 10 seconds.  You can remove the backing hot or cold, but I prefer hot….if you see that there are spots coming up….just put the item with the glossy cover (transfer paper) back on the project and press some more…..Viola….you can add head set bling if you like….see some attached pictures at the bottom….When laundering you can put in the dryer inside out on low heat or hang to dry.  If you add bling, don’t dry in the dryer.  If you find over time that any part of your transfer lifts off, just cover it with a piece of cloth and repress with a medium head iron.

My second project was some decals for the back of your car to support your kiddo….or just for fun….I cut them from various cartridges (including the ones mentioned above) and used outdoor vinyl…you can use any of the different colors, but white really pops.  When you are done cutting(no flip needed here), wick out the excess and then add transfer tape to the item.  You will leave the backing attached until you are ready to add it to  your item.  Careful add to the clean dry surface and make sure that you go slowly to smooth out any bubbles as you go….I found this a great project for those hard to find names….Like Stefani!  I’m so sorry, but I have not been able to load those pictures here.  Please check out my blog for more pictures.




Hope you enjoyed the projects and that you will check out www.stylesbystefani.blogspot.com for more crafty goodness.