so i’m totally loving this patterned vinyl from expressions vinyl.
i’ve used to cover my filing cabinet...
and all sorts of little odds and ends to make my life prettier
and recently we decided to give my daughters shelf/barbie house a mini makeover.
and we wanted something fun for the walls..
and we thought about painting but scratched that off cause it would involve too much work.
then we thought about wallpaper or scrapbook paper…which we did once…with mod podge and it totally peeled up and tore and left patches.
wasn’t pretty.
and then i remembered all this fun patterned vinyl–
peel and stick…so easy..and when we are done with it (or want a new look)
it easily peels right off!
so i got online and had my daughter pick out what she wanted….
(she chose the damask)

we moved everything out

and peeled and stuck it (you can read HERE how to attach a big piece of vinyl without transfer tape)

it fit the shelf perfectly horizontal –vertically challenged…but you could easily add a strip of vinyl  as a border…(our furniture covers up the high water so we weren’t too worried.)

beautiful perfect barbie wallpaper!


i recently got an iphone…and i got on amazon and bought a bunch of plain cases (for less than a dollar a piece) i think i might slap on all sorts of fun patterned vinyl on each one (what a fun present for your girlfriends for christmas! can check me out HERE at my blog