Hello! It’s me, McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam! Last month, I had a beautiful baby girl named Harper. When we were decorating her nursery, I wanted her name in it somewhere. I love the look of the multi layered banners that are floating around the blog world and decided to create one for the nursery. Now you can make one of your very own too!

What you will need:

*Flocked T-shirt vinyl



*Satin ribbon


*Hot glue gun

Cut your fabric into squares. Make a seperate square for each letter of the word or name you are making the banner of. Make a mark at the center of the fabric on the edge using a marker. Cut from top corners to the center mark to make a pendant shape. Repeat for all of your fabric.

Repeat the steps again for your burlap, making it just a little smaller than your fabric. I made my burlap squares 1 inch smaller than my fabric to have the end result be a small border of fabric around the burlap.

Using Sure Cuts a Lot 2, I typed Harper’s name in the font I wanted to use for her banner, making each letter small enough to fit in the center of the burlap.

Flip the letters so that they are backwards. Cut out your flocked vinyl.

Peel off the excess vinyl around the letters. It is easiest if you clip the vinyl off as you peel.


Cut your letters apart.

Put your vinyl on the burlap with the shiny side up. Iron on each letter. Keep the iron on the vinyl for about 30 seconds, using a lot of pressure to make the vinyl stick well.


Repeat this step for all of your letters.

Glue burlap shapes onto your fabric shapes.

Lay out the ribbon and space apart the letters as far as you would like them.

Put a line of glue on the top of your pendant shapes. Place ribbon over the glue and hold until glue dries.

Repeat for all of your letters.

And you are done!

Now find a pretty place to show off your new creation!

Thanks for making this with me! Enjoy!