Monogram your World

I have acquired a lot of technology lately. I take my stuff with me all the time. My Kindle has all my books, so while I’m sitting around waiting I have it. Now, my daughter is taking dance and their big show is coming so not to get lost in the confusion, everything they own needs to be labeled. Water bottles, shoes, lunch boxes.  I love my name as well as my daughter’s but I really don’t need to shout it out on every article I own. The monogram is a nice way to label your things without yelling, “Hi, my name is…”.


To make your own monogram stickers, I used the indoor vinyl. I created a monogram with letters that touch on my computer and cut that out using my Cricut, but if you don’t have the option to hook the computer up to your cutter, use the letters you have on the cartridges.

Below, on my kindle cover, I used the basic cartridge that came with the Cricut.


I cut the letter N out at 2″, that is my last name initial. Then I cut the S, my first name, and A, my middle, out of the same material but at 1.25″. Cut the letters into individual pieces, pick the unwanted vinyl out and trim the excess background paper very close to your letter.


Lay the letters side-by-side in a monogram and place the transfer paper over the top. Now you have created a monogram decal that can be applied to anything.



I also placed a monogram decal on my laptop, since my husband and I both have one.



The possibilities are endless and with the ability to make your own monogram decals using a large collection of colored vinyl, you can label your world!