Wedding season is quickly approaching and I am so excited to show you this really fun and simple Wedding gift idea I created!  This would be really easy to create for any newlywed couple and can so easily be customized for each couple’s tastes and preferences.  It is also fairly inexpensive (if you can snag your frame on sale) which means you can easily make enough for all the weddings you plan to attend this summer!

And if you aren’t attending any weddings this year, this would also make a beautiful gift for a couple’s anniversary or a pretty piece of home decor to add to your home!


You Will Need:

  • Picture Frame (I found mine at Hobby Lobby and purchased it on sale)
  • Vinyl (any color, but I used Signal Yellow)
  • Transfer Tape
  • Scrapbook paper


The first thing I did was to layout my design in my Silhouette Studio Software program.  But don’t worry, this project can also be created using a Circut too!

When I am designing within a particular size restraint, I always like to draw a shape that is the corresponding size and shape as my object that the vinyl will be being placed on.  In this case, I drew a 5×7 rectangle and designed my lettering within the rectangle so that I was sure my design would fit my final project requirements.

Also don’t be afraid to mix and match fonts and sizes.  You probably can’t tell, but my “&” is actually a different font then the rest.  And the “CLARKE” is bold.  I also played with my character spacing a little bit.  Feel free to have fun tweaking your fonts to look exactly how you want them to!

After I designed my text, I cut out the vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo and then I weeded it.  Next I used transfer tape to place the vinyl onto the glass.



After that was done, I simply inserted my glass back into my frame and added a piece of scrapbook paper behind it!

So simple to create and really cute!


I can’t decide which scrapbook paper back I prefer though, the top one (which is a piece of scrapbook paper that looks like slightly used chalkboard) or the bottom gray chevron paper!

Which do you like better?

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Ashley Phipps is an Interior Designer and Blogger living in the Indianapolis area. She is also the author of the blog Simply Designing.